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Preparing Your Tracks For Mixing

Tips To Deliver Clean, Organized Files

1. Send only the tracks you want to be mixed. This means deleting multiple takes and finalizing the arrangement. Comping a final take is part of the production process and should be addressed before mixing. I am happy to help you with these decisions and provide production services.

2. Clean up your tracks. This means removing unwanted noises and fixing improper edits that cause clicking, popping or other artifacts. All these little things that may not be heard before mixing will most likely show up in the master after it's spanked with compression.

3. Pitch and time correction. This is not included in the mix service, but I am more than happy to provide rates for vocal tuning and time alignment of drums or other live instruments. 

4. Turn off your processing; or not. Generally speaking, I prefer to do my own EQ, Dynamic and Reverb processing. But, in some cases you've worked hard to define and shape a special sound.  Best bet is to send the unprocessed file in case something isn't working (ie Vocal Dry & Vocal Processed).

5. Label your tracks. Short and sweet! Kick In, Kick Out, Snare Top, Lead Vocal, Synth 1, or abbreviations like T 1, Arp, Vox (vocals), EG (electric guitar), RTM (rhythm) are common and help easily define what the track is. 

6. Consolidate tracks and export files. Consolidate your tracks from the session start to end so they easily line up. Bounce virtual instruments as audio (separate midi files can be helpful). Create a folder to export these consolidated files at the same resolution you created your project. I prefer 24bit/48kHz .wav files, but whatever floats your boat. 

7. Organize folder for uploading. Labeling your folder: Song Title_120bpm Cmaj. 
Since files end up alphabetized, it is useful to separate different instrument groups into labelled subfolders. I won't be upset if you don't take this extra step but it will certainly save you time when I don't have to sort through 100 tracks to group instruments. Don't forget to include your reference mix (demo).

If you have any questions about preparing or sending your tracks, use the Live Chat or Contact button below to email.


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